Clickbank University 2.0 Review – It Is Worthing ?

In this review i want to explain what i learn in clickbank university 2.0 and give you an umbiased thought on it ,from someone’s that not trying to sell you this course .

I am someone who has some experince with clickbank and how to promote clickbank products .When i heard Clickbank University teach people how to create their own informational product ,it peeked up my curiosity

Because in my years of promoting various offers ,i’ve noticed that some offers convert more better that others .I was courious to see if the University course was going to breakdown what actualy caused some of these offers to be more succesful than others

I am going to give you brutaly honest pro&cons  of this course ,where i think its failing short and why


  • What Its Clickbank University
  • About The Clickbank University Builder 2.0
  • Course Online
  • Pros and cons of Clickbank University 
  • Review of their affiliate marketing trainign
  • Conclusion

What is Clickbank University 

In a series of video training broken up into 8 weeks ,where the primary focus its to teach you how to create your own informational products that you can promote on clickbank to other affiliate marketars .It also has some training on how to become an affiliate marketar yourself

In general they are not too many courses out there that teach you how to create your own informational courses

About The University 2.0 Builder 

This its one of their online web builder that they have it for sale once you join the program for $600

To be honest i didnt see to much to gain with this when you can learn how to create simple wordpress or wix websites .But upon further inspection ,for most newbies that are trying to sell their first informational product this builder might be very useful because it already has their tried tested cookie cutter formatting for various landing pages that are known convert well and it integrates seamlessly with selling your product on Clickbank.

If you use this builder then know that you will have to remain a Clickbank University member for $47 per month because this builder builds the sites inside Clickbank’s own exclusive webhosting account.

Course Outline 

So the lessons are drip fed on a weekly basis, which is a bit annoying when you wanna skip ahead or go through the lessons much faster. If you want to unlock lessons before they are drip fed, then you have to submit a ticket.

Just to give you a summary of what they teach you, its primarily focused on creating your own informational product like I said previously.

For me the key takeaways were the following:

  • Create a clickbank seller avatar
  • Setting up your own landing page/sales page and funnel (what type of content works best to get your traffic to purchase)
  • How to create Video Sales Letter
  • Finalize your product & getting it up on Clickbank
  • Split testing performances of your landing pages
  • Outsource your management work and how to scale

Pros and Cons of Clickbank University 

The good

  • Lessons are great for newbies, anyone new to creating their first informational product
  • high quality videos to be honest, very easy to understand
  • they have their own site builders where the hosting is free, and you can build affiliate sites using the clickbank platform (you still have to purchase the domain name) Similar to Weebly builder but has done for you landing page templates that can save you tons of itme trying to design your own.
  • Forum & Webinar is available for members to provide personal support

The Bad

  • A bit disappointed by the lack of advanced affiliate marketing training.
  • Decent forum where people are providing support for each other but it doesn’t feel as personable as other private facebook groups that I’m in including the one for our lead generation program
  • You can go through weeks 1-3 immediately but to unlock further training, you have to submit a ticket which is bit annoying. I feel like some of us that are more versed in online marketing, can breeze through the training much faster
  • I listened to few of their webinars and did not discover much new information at all, in fact much of it was focused on simply signing people up on Clickbank or promoting the University to others for a commission, it felt a bit unorganized.
  • Just learning about how to create info products and how to set up landing pages doesn’t guarantee success as clearly seen by so many products on Clickbank that hardly gets any sales. The program doesn’t do a good job on digging deeper into why some products succeed and why some fail.

Review Of Their Affiliate Marketing Training 

There was a lot of explaining of how affiliate marketing works.

How you must build an email collecting landing page, how to set up email marketing and why it is so important in affiliate marketing.

I wish there was more over the shoulder type of training that went over step by step how to set all of this up.

Instead of a general explanation.

Most of this you can learn on youtube for free.

Some of their training was bit outdated as well, recommending Elance which no longer exists, as it was merged with (this is where you can hire virtual assistants)


The biggest challenge for the business model taught inside Clickbank University which is to create your own affiliate product is that you have to first create an amazing product that’s going to get sales, get positive reviews & make other affiliates wanna promote your product. You also need to create not just 1 product but other high-quality products that you can promote as upsells.

This is A LOT for most newbies to successfully master in one go.

Most successful creators of Clickbank products have a ton of online marketing experience.

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