Simple Way To make $100 Every Day with Clickbank

If you want to make money with ClickBank, you are not alone. ClickBank realizes approximately 30,000 digital sales every day and has more than six million registered users who create and promote digital products. There are two significant ways to make money with ClickBank: one is to create and list your product, the other is to skip the product creation stage and list other people’s products while taking a commission on each sale. ClickBank commission rates range from 5% to 75% depending on the product promoted.

1 Find a product to promote

 Create an account with Click Bank (one of the largest affiliate programs where you can buy, sell and promote digital products) and find a product you can promote to earn your first $100. It is suggested to choose a product in the range of $ 20 to $ 50. It’s an average product, and you need at least eight sales to make about $ 100, this also depends on the product you are going to promote. The higher the price of the product, the higher the commission. The average commission at Clickbank is between 45% and 75%. However, it should be noted that the higher the price, the lower the chances of making a commission. People tend to buy cheaper products.
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Ok, now you have an account, and you can start promoting Clickbank products to make money. The username is your Clickbank ID. You will need that ID to promote the products. The next step is to go to Clickbank MarketPlace and search for a product you wanted to promote. In the search box, type the name of any product, for example, Loss Weight.

A list of products will appear, you will see its price and commission. Choose the product and click on the red button that says “Promote.”

A pop-up window will show up in which you will need to enter your username. Click the “Create” button, and on the next page, you will get your affiliate code. You must promote this code to earn a commission. This code only applies to the particular product in question, and every time someone uses it to buy the product, you receive a commission.
Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

2. Promote on platforms

Below you will find possible promotional platforms through which you can promote products using your affiliate code and earn a commission.

  • Blog
  • Websites
  • Forums
  • Social media
  • Article submission
  • Guest blogging or comment posting

If you want to create a blog, choose Blogger and create a free blog. However, you will need to optimize your blog for search engines to generate free traffic. Similarly, if you want to create a self-hosted website, it will cost you a little bit because you will have to buy a domain and web hosting.

I will try to explain in deatils about possible free promotional channels, where you can earn from Clickbank quickly. Follow the steps below to earn your first $ 100.

3.  Start a promotions

  Find product-related forums (website). Here is a list of 700 Dofollow forums. Find your product forums and place your affiliate link in your signature. Start engaging in the forums, and you can generate tons of free traffic to your product page.

Make sure you write an anchor text that is useful for your affiliate link. Also, try to participate in the relevant categories, I mean the thread. The more you contribute, the faster you can make sales. And remember that your goal is at least eight sales. That could be very easy.

Register in at least ten forums and try to post 100 comments daily in each forum. However, do not spam on the forum. Otherwise, your account may be banned. If the forum is related to your product, you will surely earn a commission very fast. Test the product if it works, then post more comments, otherwise change the product and start promoting the new one.
Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
  If you are on Facebook, share the link with your friends, but wisely. Are you good in relationship marketing? Then use it. Start by creating a climate of trust, then recommends the products to your friends and you will get a positive result.

  Article marketing and comment posting are also a very effective method to promote your product for free on the internet, write articles about the product and post them on article submission websites, including your affiliate link, as a signature. EzinearticlesArticlesBase and hub pages are excellent websites for writing an article for promoting your product.

On the other hand, posting comments on blogs, with your affiliate link in the URL field, can also give you free traffic. The more time you invest, the more sales you can make.

These are the possible ways by which you can promote your products and earn your first $ 100 and even $ 1000. Success depends on your effort, the more you work, the more you win. Try to follow the steps, and I promise you will make money with Clickbank easily.

10 Ways To Make Money Fast

In this article you will learn about 10 legal ways to make money

  1. Sell Something You No Longer need 

Look around the house how much it is that you don’t touch that quitar ,3 years .Are you sure this musical instrument its still important to you ? What about that old smartphone that you keep it in the locker ,you bought a new one ,but who said your previous phone can’t serve someone else

You can sell your own stuff on the internet and you can make some nice money ,you can sell this things in ebay etc

  1.  Become A driver

Wait don’t object yet ,this doesn’t mean you must change your profesion ,it just means if you have a relatively new car you can join UBER ,the benefits of this company its that you can work when you want in your free time and you can keep your job

  • 2 Sell Your Hair 

Lets say you have healthy and very long hair ,lucky you but you can make also some money ,thisits the money when you must make a choice .Hair salons are ready to pay hundreds of dolars to get your hair ,think about it

  • 3. Babysit or walk dog 

Depends on what you deal better dogs or kids you can choose one of this 2 activities ,you can search for online networks where people search for dog walkers or you can visit your neighbours and you can offer your services ,if you are serious and good enough you can build a good reputation for yourself

  • 4. Donate Plasma

If you are a healthy person more than 18 years and no more than 65 you can donate plasma ,this its a blood component,in most region you can’t oficialy sell your plasma ,howewher you are compensated for the time spent donating .In the USA the money can reach aprocimative $200 per month

  • 5. Use Your Car To Advertise Different Companies

If you have a car you you can not only work from uber but you can also earn money in a pretty easy way ,all you need to do its to transform your car in an advertise bilboard and get your money ,they are several companies that conects brands with drivers .In this case you need to drive a lot for people to see the add

  • 6.Recycle For A Refund

In some states in the USA the depozit centers pay up to 10 cents when you return a can or a bottle you drink ,that this seems like a lot ,but if you gett all bottles and cans from your place you will see you get a lot

  • 7.Decorate Homes 

Let’s admit they are a lot of holidays in our life 4th july ,new years eve ,christmas ,easter ,birthday days and other celebrations .Many people don’t have enough time to deal with decorating their home thats when superman aka you appear ,you can decorate trees and bushes in the garage and do other multiple tasks .You can find clients on social media special sites

  • 8. Rent Out Your Room 

If you have several bedroms in your house but lack money consider the posibility to rent our a spare room ,you can find a nice person to share your acomodation .In this time you will have a monthy income

  • 9. Participate In Market Research 

This its a pretty easy way to make some quick money ,ofcourse you will not get milions or even thousands but you wont have to spend long time to earn this money .The reason its many companies have have a need for customer opinions on the services and products they provide ,or the products they make so you need to test this services .After that you share your experience most off in writen forms ,filling up diferent questionairs


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Get Free Things From in United Kingdom

What its its a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns and neighbourhoods .Its all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills .

On people are giving stuff for free ,you need a couch a fridge ,o cooker go to that its the way ,plus of that its a way to make money

How To Make Money With 

Imagine if you could take 5 items a day ,and i am talking about good items like fridge ,beds ,cookers and you sold them for $40 or $50 each ,if you can’t see the potential in here then its something wrong with you ,so its money to be made of take advantage of it

How To Navigate The Site 

Go To

Now Go To Browse Goups

And choose your area in United kingdom and then navigate the sections you want

The just navigate to the offers and take contact to people to take theyr product

Now all you need to do its to go to people home and to take your item


How To Build A Business Using Forums

Building a business using forums its not so hard as many people think ,just that many people are doing it wrong spamming forums this making them to be banned ,fustrated and this having the result of them giving up

In this article i will show you step my step on how to build a real business online

1 . First Step its to choose a niche 

When chosing a niche many people do it wrong by thinking in terms of keyword research ,having many people interested etc ,i don’t say this thing its wrong but its a better way of making it when you choose a niche and this are “Having a passion” and “Knowing something about niche”

This 2 reasons : have a passion and knowing something about your niche are very important when you want to develop a business on forums because if you dont have this ingredients you will give up very fast as when you deal with forums you must know how to help people and to answer threads ,if you dont have any clue about your niche then you will strugle and soon you will give up

2 . Register on forums related to your niche 

To do this you have options go to google and write “your niche” + forums for this example we will choose affiliate marketing forums as example look bellow as example

Or you can write in google top 10 forums and it will present you with most relevant forums in your niche

After you identfy how to find forums in your niche then you want to register on all forums you find

Step 3 . Start interaction in forums 

Now it comes the real part where we make money ,the problem its that many people do it wrong as they start to register on forums and they start promotion imediatly this making their life a disaster on forums and this leading for them to give up ,they start by putting theiy link in signature or inserting links on posts

This actions show a red light to admins and people in forums and they are seen as spammer and they get banned or they fail because they don’t know the proper steps to take to be succesful with forums

Now i will guide in the steps you need to take in order to be succesful with forums

First thing you must do after you register you need to help people answering their threads . The thing its you must never focus on post count or getting traffic etc . Instead focus on helping people as much as you can .Also dont post your link in signature to fast ,big mistake people make they add signature imedialty and this get atention from admin seing them as spammers . Firstly you want to post at least 30-50 posts in the forums until you add your signature

After you make a good reputation start by choosing an affiliate offer for your niche ,you can search on clickbank ,jvzoo warrior plus or you can post also a cpa offer

Now never put your offer directly on signature as you will get banned

Instead build a blog and write like 3 articles in your niche in your article recomend people your affiliate offer and link to your offer

Now if you have everithing setup i recomend you to work at least 1 hour everyday on this method .Work on your free time when you are on a bus ,coffee etc or when you scroll social media quit doing that and post on forums on your phone

If you work constantly this will bring you huge amount of traffic as it has a snwoball efect and forums posts tends to rank very well in google this bringing you traffic for many years to come


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How To Get Targeted Traffic For Free

Getting targeted traffic its not so hard as you may think ,the important think its to make sure your free traffic its qualified and from good sources ,some of these sources will cost some money but many of them are bo going to be at no cost

One of the best thing you can do its to use search engine to help you

Here are some excelent sources to help you

1.Traffic from local search engine pages its relatively easy to claim a local page for your business.If you add resonable content and links to your main website,this its a super way to generate quick traffic that convert for you .Best of all ,if you have a local business you will be adding gravity to your local searches

2.Build Multiple Hubpages these platforms are free to build and if you post high quality content ,follow the rules and deliver for your readers ,you can drive traffic from search engines right to yur website

3.Reverse engineer google alerts. google alerts is a fantastic tool for having content find you .By using long tail keywords related to your niche ,you can keep up with press releases ,competitors ,video ,blogs and just about any kinf of latest greatest content that people are putting online .By following content streams online to blogs based on your keywords you can response for what people are looking for and answering their questions

4. YouTube Videos Posted Under High Trafficked Videos – YouTube is one of the best ways to generate free traffic that is also targeted. By finding one of the top trafficked videos in your niche and creating a video response to it, you can post your video and expect to receive a small percentage of its traffic on an ongoing basis. Anyone can create a video response and don’t forget to add links to your website/ squeeze page in your description.

These are just some of the ways you can get free and targeted traffic. If you think about it free traffic is everywhere and you can find new sources of targeted traffic if you look for it.


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How To Make Money With Youtube and Creative Commons Leveraging Google Trends

Making money with youtube and creative commons leveraging google trends  implies using youtube trending topics to create a viable youtube channel that gets you a lot of views and you can monetize them with adsesnse .Before we jumpin let,s start with the basisc


1.Youtube .This site owned by google its very popular this days and it makes a lot of people a celebrity online ,and many people are kiling it online making a lot of money even as affiliates or getting paid by views by adsense .Both methods have advantages and disavantages

Promoting affiliate offers on youtube it has advantage of earning a big comission and you dont need so much views to make money ,the disavanage its that you will make money only if someone buys ,then you get a percent from sale

Making money throught Adsense implies getting a tiny fraction of money per views on your videos ,The advantages with this its that people dont need to take out their credit ard to make money and disavantage compared with affiliate earnings its that you need to have a lot of views to make a decent amount of money

2.Creative commons .provide  a standard license to creators that allow people to use their work ,youtube allow users to mark their videos with a creative commons license If you’ve marked your video with a CC BY licence, you retain your copyright and other users get to reuse your work subject to the terms of the licence.

3. Google Trends its an online search owned by google that allow users to see how specific keywords phrases and subjects have queried over a specific period of time Google Trends works by analyzing a portion of Google searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms entered, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over the same time.

Now Down To The Method

First Thing you must do its to open your youtube account

Then open another tab and search google trends and search for related topics that are trending right now

Then write the desired topic on youtube search bar

After that youtube has a section where you can find creative commons click on it and it will show you related videos to your search

Thn just download that videos and upload them on your channel

You can make this as much as you can


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4 Step To Build An Online Business On Autopilot

Did you know that are over 3 billion people online today and they are constantly searching for something and entering search phrases into the search bar .These people are searching to buy things ,they are searching for information and solutions for their unlimited number of problems .This its where you come as an affiliate with your wbsite to help these people and show them the solution,or their answer to their search .The affiliates helps people and earn a commision in the process .

Building an online business its easy 

There its a system that 100 000’s of affiliates use and believe to be the ultimate online money making system that worked years ago ,orks now ,and will work for many years to come .It’s a sistem that worked years ago and will work for many years to come .Its a sistem that will show you just how huge the online world its and the limited potential that only depends on how you set your goals

But before any money its generated a website must to be build ,in a specific niche and a traffic flow of visitors need to have begun .The 1 quality attract of visitors to your website its the quality of content on each page .Five minute videos are also a good strategy to use on your website ,until the website its build up with quality relevant content and drawing a flow of traffic no money can be generated

The 4 Steps To Get Rolling 

1.Choose an Interest .This can be anything you can think of and you are pasionate about .So choose a niche you enjoy and you have interest in it this will help you to build content and not give up to quickly .

2.Build up a website wich its the foundation of your online real estate store property .First your website must be build up and filled with information and content that visitors are searching for .This is similar to opening a brick and mortar store, one wouldn’t open for business until the store was ready.

3.Draw traffic to site ,attract visitors .There are many ways to do this so it,s best to start out with free traffic options .One basic strategy its that traffic from search engines ,social media or youtube videos drive traffic to your blog page wich then leads the viewer to a product or recomendation

Article marketing is a great way to enter a lot of content online for the search engines to rank, and for the viewers globally searching for that content.

Another strategy is to put one or more of the paid traffic options to work to reach targeted groups of viewers from any niche and draw as many as possible into your funnel, or onto your website page.

Step # 4 – Earn Income – Once there is a traffic flow to the site you can start earning revenue. There are said to be over 50 ways to monetize a website, which shows an unlimited earning potential.


Clickbank University 2.0 Review – It Is Worthing ?

In this review i want to explain what i learn in clickbank university 2.0 and give you an umbiased thought on it ,from someone’s that not trying to sell you this course .

I am someone who has some experince with clickbank and how to promote clickbank products .When i heard Clickbank University teach people how to create their own informational product ,it peeked up my curiosity

Because in my years of promoting various offers ,i’ve noticed that some offers convert more better that others .I was courious to see if the University course was going to breakdown what actualy caused some of these offers to be more succesful than others

I am going to give you brutaly honest pro&cons  of this course ,where i think its failing short and why


  • What Its Clickbank University
  • About The Clickbank University Builder 2.0
  • Course Online
  • Pros and cons of Clickbank University 
  • Review of their affiliate marketing trainign
  • Conclusion

What is Clickbank University 

In a series of video training broken up into 8 weeks ,where the primary focus its to teach you how to create your own informational products that you can promote on clickbank to other affiliate marketars .It also has some training on how to become an affiliate marketar yourself

In general they are not too many courses out there that teach you how to create your own informational courses

About The University 2.0 Builder 

This its one of their online web builder that they have it for sale once you join the program for $600

To be honest i didnt see to much to gain with this when you can learn how to create simple wordpress or wix websites .But upon further inspection ,for most newbies that are trying to sell their first informational product this builder might be very useful because it already has their tried tested cookie cutter formatting for various landing pages that are known convert well and it integrates seamlessly with selling your product on Clickbank.

If you use this builder then know that you will have to remain a Clickbank University member for $47 per month because this builder builds the sites inside Clickbank’s own exclusive webhosting account.

Course Outline 

So the lessons are drip fed on a weekly basis, which is a bit annoying when you wanna skip ahead or go through the lessons much faster. If you want to unlock lessons before they are drip fed, then you have to submit a ticket.

Just to give you a summary of what they teach you, its primarily focused on creating your own informational product like I said previously.

For me the key takeaways were the following:

  • Create a clickbank seller avatar
  • Setting up your own landing page/sales page and funnel (what type of content works best to get your traffic to purchase)
  • How to create Video Sales Letter
  • Finalize your product & getting it up on Clickbank
  • Split testing performances of your landing pages
  • Outsource your management work and how to scale

Pros and Cons of Clickbank University 

The good

  • Lessons are great for newbies, anyone new to creating their first informational product
  • high quality videos to be honest, very easy to understand
  • they have their own site builders where the hosting is free, and you can build affiliate sites using the clickbank platform (you still have to purchase the domain name) Similar to Weebly builder but has done for you landing page templates that can save you tons of itme trying to design your own.
  • Forum & Webinar is available for members to provide personal support

The Bad

  • A bit disappointed by the lack of advanced affiliate marketing training.
  • Decent forum where people are providing support for each other but it doesn’t feel as personable as other private facebook groups that I’m in including the one for our lead generation program
  • You can go through weeks 1-3 immediately but to unlock further training, you have to submit a ticket which is bit annoying. I feel like some of us that are more versed in online marketing, can breeze through the training much faster
  • I listened to few of their webinars and did not discover much new information at all, in fact much of it was focused on simply signing people up on Clickbank or promoting the University to others for a commission, it felt a bit unorganized.
  • Just learning about how to create info products and how to set up landing pages doesn’t guarantee success as clearly seen by so many products on Clickbank that hardly gets any sales. The program doesn’t do a good job on digging deeper into why some products succeed and why some fail.

Review Of Their Affiliate Marketing Training 

There was a lot of explaining of how affiliate marketing works.

How you must build an email collecting landing page, how to set up email marketing and why it is so important in affiliate marketing.

I wish there was more over the shoulder type of training that went over step by step how to set all of this up.

Instead of a general explanation.

Most of this you can learn on youtube for free.

Some of their training was bit outdated as well, recommending Elance which no longer exists, as it was merged with (this is where you can hire virtual assistants)


The biggest challenge for the business model taught inside Clickbank University which is to create your own affiliate product is that you have to first create an amazing product that’s going to get sales, get positive reviews & make other affiliates wanna promote your product. You also need to create not just 1 product but other high-quality products that you can promote as upsells.

This is A LOT for most newbies to successfully master in one go.

Most successful creators of Clickbank products have a ton of online marketing experience.

Click Here To Get Instant Acces To Clickbank University 2.0

How To Make A Good Video For Youtube

First of all ,i want to congratulate you for leveraging youtube videos in your content marketing strategy .In this article we will learn how to create a good video for youtube .Choosing video marketing its a wise choice .The demand for video marketing keeps growing and you dont want to be left out of the game

How To Make A Good Video For Youtube

Why Its Video Quality Crucial 

you are probably tired of hearing that quality matters ,but i cannot stress you enough how important it is .You have to increase your youtube video ranking in order for people to come across your videos and get the chance to enjoy them thats way its so important to know how to create a good video for youtube

Altought its true that a video’s quality doesn’t influence directly youtube video ranking its still carries a lot of weight

If The Video Its Bad No Amount Of Seo Can Make It Shine

Lets say your video its rank high in search engines and people click on it ,but the quality video its poor and users click back after a couple of seconds ,besides not getting the chance to turn visitors into customers ,this behavior hurts  your ranking badly

How its that ? one of the main youtube ranking factors its the audience retention.The longer the users watch the video ,the higher the ranking .Youtube want its users to held on youtube for as long time as posible .So if you keep your audience entertained and on the platform you will be rewarded for that

How To Create Videos That Keep The Audience Watching 

High Quality Audio & Visuals .The way you deliver your content in tems of audio and video plays a huge role in retention .If the image or sound its bad people will not stay to much on your video

Let Visitors know what they will learn in the beginning . Around 20% of visitors will fly off after the 10 seconds if the video they are not certain in the video showing them what they are looking for .Make sure to point out what they will learn in the beginning

Introduction . Like i said above its easy to lose visitors in the first 10 seconds .You want to make sure your introduction its captivating and engaging to your audience

Don’t Ramble . Especialy if you are in the beginning you’ll be temped to create those long introductions with unnecesary information that tend to put people to sleep

Script Your Videos . Dont just place yourself in front of the camera and start to speak .Plan your videos ahead of time and start scripting them .This will ensure you will stay on point and will capture the most important parts

Predict Audience’s Questions . One way to trigger viewers’ curiosity is to address questions they might have to which you’ll be answering later on in the video. Let’s say you make a tutorial on how to be more productive and you mention about the Pomodoro technique at some point. Saying something like “You’re probably wondering what the Pomodoro technique is. I’ll get to it in a minute” will keep the viewers interested to watch the video further.


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Easy Ways To Earn Money For free

If you landed here on my website post i supose you need some easy ways to earn money for free ,you need to make them fast and free also .Or maybe you’re alredy earn money online and you just want to grow your online income .Whatever the reason is i’ve got you .Because today i will show you 3 easy ways to earn money for free .

I dont want to bore you with long introduction so lets jump to the good part

1.Cpa offers 

To make money this way just sign in with or .After login you will be provided with a lot of offers to promote and this will be some easy ways to earn money for free

Once you picked the one you like the most you can forward it to some friends you think will be interested via email .If your friends will like the offer you will get paid each time your frinds sign up for the offer you recomend them .The amount you’ll get for each depend around 0.50$ and some couple of bucks

Easy Ways To Make Money For Free

GPT  (Get Paid To ) Sites 

These sites will pay you to complete simple tasks as completing surveys ,watching videos ,reviewing products and so on .To make money online sign up with so easy ways to earn money online for free on networks like inboxdolars,swagbucks or slicethepie .These sites have been around for years and they paid milions in revenue to their members all around the world

They have truly stood the test of time and they are some of the most trusted sites on this planet when it comes to making money online

Easy Ways To Make Money Online For Free

3 . Website Testing 

Sites like  and userfeel can also be incadrated in easy ways to make money online for free and they will pay you to test or review diferent websites on your mobile phone or laptop .They pay around $10 for each website you test

They pay on time and they accept people all over the world .In fact if you cold use only one of these 3 easy methods to earn money online for free ,i would recomend website testing


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